Monday, March 30, 2009

~Done with requests~

okie dats ALL d requests d...

bye bye tata dun disturb me d...

~A Crazy Rabbit's Crush...~

You caught my eye and you held me there,
Firmly ensnared in the threads of love.
T couldn't tear my gaze away... I didn't dare...
I was scared you'd fade away with that tiny shove.

It scared me, frightened me. All so new
To the young girl in me...
So confusing, don't even know what i feel,
Makes me want to take my leave and flee.

I don't care if you're hot,
I know you're cute.
I don't know if you're cool,
You're just fine to me.
Though you turn my dreams into a mockery,
That of a Prince Charming coming to meet me.

Just being there, you turn me all around,
Can't think straight, it's all upside down.
You make me laugh, you make me smile.
Worse... You make me someone else entirely.

I want to stop looking around for your face,
I want to stop turning round at the sound of your voice.
I want to stop wondering... 'Do you even know i exist?'

Since you came, my life's been changed,
I'm no longer who i once was.
Yet i don't really care... Though it worries me a lil...
But i can't help myself from wanting
To see that smile of yours, to hear you laugh...
I want to be... The friend you never had...

Inside... I know i want so much more.
But i'm not ready to take that step.
Not yet... Maybe i'll change my mind one day.
But for now...
I'm happy where i am...
Watching you from the sides...


>_< it sucks so it's embaressing to put it up...
but i don't really have a choice....

oh well... if you think its nice...
I don't really wanna noe.
But if u think it ABSOLUTELY SUCKS.
Tell me. ^_^

Bye bye until i dunno when~

~Seven... A Lucky Number...?~

Seven colours once came together,
Seven different people tied in a bundle.
A chain held by a fragile link,
Though... it was thought to be the strongest string.

Seven days a week were they,
Each different personality, a different day.
An endless circle, neverending cycle.
A start with no end, an end with no start.

Impossible to break, never to go cold,
The impossible came true, unknown came known.
The link broke, the colours came undone,
Seven days a week were no more.

What once held dissapeared, once known gone,
What's left right now... is but scattered gems...
And memories of what was... Hope for what is...
And wishes of what will or will never be in the future...

~Fulfilling Requests~

1st of all... show enthuasiam at my blog.

Yay~!! I got a blog!!! Yay~!!

Okaaay.... Now dats done... I'll get down 2 the main point. I was requested...
To use my blog!!! XD Not much... but i lazy to upkeep...

So I'll fulfill the 2nd request. These lil lines (next post) r based on my observations of a CERTAIN human being *no offence*. I post many many many many stupid posts so dat CERTAIN person cant say i didn't use the blog she so lovingly created for me.